Karen LeSueur – Champaign, IL

Karen and Delaney (Pictured)

“Ten years ago, I bought a four-year old Thoroughbred gelding named Delaney and he has been a challenge. Delaney is sweet, quiet for the most part, and very sensitive, but he is also a worrier, accident prone, and has had his share of bad luck. He has sustained various injuries and survived a serious trailer accident. Through all of our ups and downs, Andria has been the one person who I have always turned to for help and support. Not only has Delaney benefited from the chiropractic work and acupuncture, but he literally relaxes when Andria walks into our barn and so do I.

I know that Andria will listen to my concerns and offer her honest opinion. She often consults with other experts to find answers for Delaney’s latest issue and truly cares about him and wants the best for both of us. “


Judy Harris – Jefferson City, MO

Judy and Moni (Pictured)

“Moni started having problems last year where she did not want to jump or do the weaves. After consultation with Andria she determined that the muscles in her back were not strong enough to keep her in alignment. Andria recommended a conditioning/strengthening program followed with routine chiropractic adjustments. We charted her activities and after 3 months Moni was able to return to the agility game. On June 29, 2012 she completed her Master Agility Championship (MACH) title and is running great.

Desi fell off the A-frame when he was a puppy and I called Andria and she immediately came to check him out and put him back in alignment.

Had Andria not been there for us with her magic touch Moni and Desi would not have completed their MACH titles. Both Desi and Moni see Andria every 6-8 weeks for routine adjustments and thank her generously with lots of doggie kisses. I am truly grateful to have Andria here in Central Missouri to make sure my dogs are in tip-top shape. Thank you for taking care of us!!”


Lynn Frazee – Hallsville, MO

Anne and Sporty, Laurie and Perry (Pictured)
Team Wildwood

“One of the first folks I call as soon as a new horse arrives in our stable is Dr. Andria Cogswell. She serves as our chiropractor, and I ask for her advise on many occasions. We have a few “old fellows” who watch for her to drive up, because they enjoy their adjustments so much.

“The fact that Dr. Andria is a knowledgeable horse person, and that she has so much veterinary background add to her expertise. Often, I will feel something in my horse’s bridle, pass that information onto Andria and she will design a method of addressing that problem with no discomfort to the horse. In addition to her adjustments, she also directs us on how to work the horse, stretch them out before work, and maintain the health we want them to have.

I would not want to train horses without her help, as she knows so many ways to make our guys comfortable and healthy.”

Patti Mierzwa – Columbia, MO

Sadie (Pictured)

“Here’s the thing about friends, they always try to come through for you even when it’s very hard on them. On one hand I had Sadie, my agility dog, who was trying to run for me even though she hurt and on the other hand I had a friend who did chiropractic on horses, which was something I hoped would help Sadie. It was not in Andria’s immediate plans to do dogs. So, my friend Andria did what friends do and Sadie became the first dog in a long line of others that Andria helped to continue their agility careers.

The treatment brought Sadie great relief and allowed us to play the game we both loved. There are now many dogs out there that owe a big thank you to the coming together of friends. I owe Andria a thank you as well, from all of us that love playing the game. Thanks for helping our dogs.”

Jesse Alsup – Fair Grove, MO

Jesse and Tiff (Pictured)

“Andria has kept Tiff in top form through the rodeo year. We traveled about 1000 miles a weekend and my horse stayed in great shape due to his regular chiropractic and acupuncture work by Andria.”