Sadie (Pictured)

“Here’s the thing about friends, they always try to come through for you even when it’s very hard on them. On one hand I had Sadie, my agility dog, who was trying to run for me even though she hurt and on the other hand I had a friend who did chiropractic on horses, which was something I hoped would help Sadie. It was not in Andria’s immediate plans to do dogs. So, my friend Andria did what friends do and Sadie became the first dog in a long line of others that Andria helped to continue their agility careers.

The treatment brought Sadie great relief and allowed us to play the game we both loved. There are now many dogs out there that owe a big thank you to the coming together of friends. I owe Andria a thank you as well, from all of us that love playing the game. Thanks for helping our dogs.”