Anne and Sporty, Laurie and Perry (Pictured)
Team Wildwood

“One of the first folks I call as soon as a new horse arrives in our stable is Dr. Andria Cogswell. She serves as our chiropractor, and I ask for her advise on many occasions. We have a few “old fellows” who watch for her to drive up, because they enjoy their adjustments so much.

“The fact that Dr. Andria is a knowledgeable horse person, and that she has so much veterinary background add to her expertise. Often, I will feel something in my horse’s bridle, pass that information onto Andria and she will design a method of addressing that problem with no discomfort to the horse. In addition to her adjustments, she also directs us on how to work the horse, stretch them out before work, and maintain the health we want them to have.

I would not want to train horses without her help, as she knows so many ways to make our guys comfortable and healthy.”