Karen and Delaney (Pictured)

“Ten years ago, I bought a four-year old Thoroughbred gelding named Delaney and he has been a challenge. Delaney is sweet, quiet for the most part, and very sensitive, but he is also a worrier, accident prone, and has had his share of bad luck. He has sustained various injuries and survived a serious trailer accident. Through all of our ups and downs, Andria has been the one person who I have always turned to for help and support. Not only has Delaney benefited from the chiropractic work and acupuncture, but he literally relaxes when Andria walks into our barn and so do I.

I know that Andria will listen to my concerns and offer her honest opinion. She often consults with other experts to find answers for Delaney’s latest issue and truly cares about him and wants the best for both of us. “