Judy and Moni (Pictured)

“Moni started having problems last year where she did not want to jump or do the weaves. After consultation with Andria she determined that the muscles in her back were not strong enough to keep her in alignment. Andria recommended a conditioning/strengthening program followed with routine chiropractic adjustments. We charted her activities and after 3 months Moni was able to return to the agility game. On June 29, 2012 she completed her Master Agility Championship (MACH) title and is running great.

Desi fell off the A-frame when he was a puppy and I called Andria and she immediately came to check him out and put him back in alignment.

Had Andria not been there for us with her magic touch Moni and Desi would not have completed their MACH titles. Both Desi and Moni see Andria every 6-8 weeks for routine adjustments and thank her generously with lots of doggie kisses. I am truly grateful to have Andria here in Central Missouri to make sure my dogs are in tip-top shape. Thank you for taking care of us!!”